To Whom it May Concern,                                                                 Jan 10, 2009

I am writing this letter on behalf of Steve Edwards, who worked for me and also supported my teams at Ericsson and then Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications in RTP, NC from 2000 through 2008.  Steve performed the role of Senior Technician within my Product Reliability and Design Analysis team.

Steve was recruited by me to join the Sony Ericsson RTP staff, transferring from Mentor, Ohio, where he was employed by Steris.  My interest in bringing Steve onboard was mainly due to his wide breadth of mechanical, electrical, software and controls capability.  I had first been exposed to Steve’s capabilities when we worked together at American Sterilizer Company (AMSCO) from 1992-1996, where he and I, along with one other engineer, were tasked with designing and developing infection control devices for healthcare, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.  What I quickly saw at AMSCO was an ability to work with all levels of employees, a willingness to help others and a high skill level in manufacturing, design and test.  Those attributes are what motivated me to pursue Steve for a position at Ericsson.  Once at Ericsson (and then Sony Ericsson), Steve continued to grow and learn RF skills, software needed for validation and data collection activities, board level skills and reliability & test equipment utilization and application.

I strongly feel that Steve’s knowledge of mechanical and electrical design, controls, prototyping, testing and validation shown while working with me at AMSCO and then again at Sony Ericsson could be applied to a variety of product development, verification and design/prototyping activities.  I would highly recommend Steve for a role that needs experience, intelligent decision making skills and ability to apply a variety of skills necessary to get the job done. 

I would be more than willing to offer additional input if needed on Steve’s behalf.  My contact information is below.  Please do not hesitate if needed to contact me about Steve. 


Paul Steen

Senior Principal Engineer

Contact information:     (Phone number and email upon request)

March 10, 2010


To Whom It May Concern,


Steve Edwards is a lead technician for Sony Ericsson’s Mechanical Verification Lab (from May 2000 to June 2010).  The lead technician role requires a strong interpersonal and technical skill set.  As lead technician, he interfaces with other lab technicians, verification and design engineers, student interns, and equipment manufacturers. He supports required lab testing, including training student interns and development engineers.  He maintains lab equipment (i.e. manages calibration and repair of existing equipment).  Additionally, he manages/supports acquisition of new equipment/test fixtures (i.e. works with manufacturers from start to finish (i.e. quotation to installation) to obtain equipment/fixtures conforming to required specifications).  Frequently, in-house test equipment or fixture design is required.  Steve actively participates in the design work.  He is a self starter with a strong work ethic, requiring little to no supervision. 

I worked with Steve from May 2000 until October 2008.  Regardless of my role at Sony Ericsson (i.e. Project Quality Manager, Mechanical Verification Team Lead, or Senior Mechanical Verification Engineer/Object Lead), I could always depend on Steve to support any work request with excellence and creativity.  Your team/organization will benefit appreciably from his skill set.   


Amy Roberts Lott 

(phone number/e-mail available upon request from Steve Edwards)


Reccomendations from

Brent Williams

Senior Technician, STERIS Corporation (colleague - Reported to Steve)

“I had the pleasure of working with Steve Edwards for a few years at STERIS Corporation. As a manager, his technical background skills were an asset to anything he was associated with. Steve had the knowledge and technical ability to be effective on any project that was requested to be done. His ability to self-train on software was so successful that he was able to create the programming to run several processors and test stands. Steve’s style of management was open and non-aggressive. He often invited idea input from others, not because he was obligated to but because he would want to hear from other team members. His abilities and interpersonal communication style kept the team informed as to the task at hand and the methods to be used to complete the project. I would recommend Steve Edwards to assist any business with any technical task issue.” January 20, 2010

Tony Rook

Scientist II, STERIS Corporation (colleague - Worked directly with Steve)

“I had the privilege to work directly with Steve on several research projects related to the development of sterilization equipment; including a sterile reprocessing system for endoscopes and a sterile water generating system. In both circumstances, Steve demonstrated an incredible knack for developing a working understanding of the microbiological science required for the project and utilized this knowledge to develop effective working prototypes. Steve's superb inter-personal skills allowed for effective cross-disciplinary troubleshooting and successful development of the prototype sterilization equipment, but more importantly he was a joy to work with. In my experience, Steve was not satisfied with simply getting the job done, but wanted a fuller understanding of the project and was consistently contributed to the larger picture of product development. I would strongly recommend Steve for any position that requires an effective joint development process between scientific and engineering professionals.” January 22, 2010


Steve Shimp

Manufacturing Engineer, AMSCO (colleague)
“I worked with Steve Edwards at Amsco/Steris on a number of complex R&D projects developing new medical equipment involving sterilization. I always found Steve to be dedicated, hard working and creative. Steve is the type of person who is very capable when presented with a task, whether it be mechanical or electrical, and he does not hesitate to make recommendations for improvement. Many times I depended on Steve, over the design engineer, to provide me with the technical detail of a particular design's requirements. I recommend Steve Edwards for employment. Steve is ethical and hard working. He would be a valuable asset to any organization. Regards, Stephen Shimp Formally an Engineering Manager and Manufacturing Engineer for Amsco/Steris Currently a Senior Project manager for a Commercial Construction Contractor” January 7, 2010

Jaime Diaz

Consulting/Display Engineer, Sony Ericsson (colleague)
“I have known and worked with Steve for many years at Sony Ericsson and AMSCO. Steve is a very dedicated individual who is passionate about his work. I am looking foward to work with Steve again when meet at another company.” January 7, 2010